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Sant’Anatolia in the Mountains..

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High up on a hill lies the beautiful little town of Saint trip here to see my friend the Contessa on a sunny crisp, fall day was an experience in tranquility…

This medieval town that boasts 384 inhabitants, seems to welcome you as you enter the sanctuary of Saint Anatolia..and are entranced by the charming beauty of the little church decorated with frescoes…

As you walk through you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the view of the mountains and  the little houses that seem to decorate the landscape..

Eating all’aperto (in the open) was a true feast for the senses..the food,, the wine..the view,.the air…not  easy  to concentrate on  conversation as the beauty of the ‘bella vista’ beckoned…but alas our yearly visit ended with espresso and a sweet….Fall is the best time of year to visit San,Anatolia..the sun still shines down on this little hamlet a spotlight..right before the cold winter air arrives..

Sant’Anatolia is located between Lazio and Abruzzo….

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