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Visiting San Miguel Mercado in Madrid Spain.

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If you are fortunate enough to be visiting Madrid Soain  in the near future, don’t miss going to the San Miguel Mercado. This is a don’t miss place for foodies. The mercado is an open air market that sells fresh produce, vegetables, cheeses, breads, seafood You can certainly call this a food lover’s paradise.

Here you can discover a lot of local specialties and dishes, tapas and wines. Most tourists and locals  alike will tell you this is a place that you can’t miss if you want to truly get a flavor for this city and its; culture and tastes.

When traveling to other countries, if possible I always recommend living in the culture and experiencing the local everything to really get the true experience of the country. If you go abroad and expect to live like you are in the US-eating only US food, staying in US based hotels you might as well stay in the US.

The world is a beautiful one because of its’ diversity and you can’t appreciate it or respect it without truly getting  a local experience, living just like the locals. Be sure to visit Mercado San Miguel

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