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Petite Sweet Treats

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Guest Blogger: Chris Manganaro

Dieting is a part of life for many people. Some people are always on a diet while others are on and off them frequently. While still others just call whatever they eat day to day their diet. The idea of a diet is to watch what one eats in order not to over indulge and stay their current size or to lose weight. This is not always easy, what with the temptations of so many delicious foods out there. This is especially true for those with a sweet tooth due to the high amounts of fat in sugary foods. Whether one is on a strict, fad diet or a simple eat-healthier diet, the key is always moderation.

What is great about moderation is the idea that you can then eat anything you want really, just keep it small. If you want to stay petite then maybe Petite Treats by Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth would be a nice cookbook to have around. While the treats within may not be specifically diet-approved, the portions likely are. One of the ideas behind the book is simply to enjoy small portions of your favorite treat. A diet is always easier to handle if instead of saying no to yourself all the time, you allow yourself to say yes a little.

Beaver and Greenseth’s book contains many people’s favorite dessert recipes in a shrunken down form. The bright side to this is that the flavor is unaffected by the size of the dessert. Rather the flavor is all the more intense which is just what a dieter needs. Allowing yourself this itty bitty indulgence is a wonderful way to motivate yourself to keep up the good work.

Of course, this book is also good to encourage moderation for those on less strict diets as well as children. This is portion control at its cutest, after all. Rather than having to make sure a slice of cake is not too big or too small, you have one little cake instead. These will especially work with kids since these baby desserts will likely appeal aesthetically to them.

Petite Treats is a little cookbook with big ideas. Just as the desserts within contain multitudes, so does the simple idea of baking on a smaller scale. In the end, you do not have to sacrifice anything to enjoy life. You just have to take everything in moderation.

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