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In Search of Freshly Made Cornetti…


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copyright 2012 Art of Living, PrimaMedia,Inc/Maria Liberati

In search of a truly freshly baked cornetti from scratch (really from scratch) not just baked from frozen dough..I had no choice but to set out to come up with my own recipe that would be easy enough for a home chef to make but still have that delicous chef baked has become increasingly difficult to find a truly freshly made cornetti made with fresh un modified ingredients…even here in the mountains of Italy..I have diverted some time here in my test kitchen specifically and have come up with a fresh recipe..that uses a dough with  no butter..honey instead of sugar…filled with chocolate …will post when perfected shortly….I don’t always have time to make the mfor breakfast,but am making time for these..

Nothing like waking up to freshly baked cornetti (made with fresh not frozen ingredients)  and a steamy cappuccino!

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