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Eating After the Holidays

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After the holidays we are all thinking about diets to follow and how to lose weight. There are many choices of diets to follow Diets can be tailored to your tastes.

One of the easiest diets is the Dieta Mediterranean. It is one of the healthiest diets to follow. And this diet is based on using foods that are healthy for you and keeping everything in moderation. If you like using olive oil and artisan cheeses ,olives, nuts, fresh grain breads then this diet is definitely for you. This diet is filled with those foods and more. Limit your meat intake with this diet and almost everything in moderation. You can enjoy many foods on this one as long as it is in moderation.

The Mediterranean Diet relies on many delicious healthy foods and is not overly restrictive. In fact with this diet you can eat, what seems like normal meals that are not restrictive, however your portion size will be key here. Also, with this diet, you can continue following it even after you have lost weight, The Mediterranean Diet is more than a diet for a short period of time, It should be thought of as a lifestyle change. Many people around the world normally follow this way of eating, not for a limited period of time but as a regular way of eating. Mediterranean countries have a history of eating in this manner which is why they have not had the obesity problems seen in the US. However, as statistics show the farther away these countries get from following the Mediterranean diet, the more obesity problems they have. The diet emphasizes fruits and vegetables and nuts and seafood, with meats and cheeses taking a secondary role.

Dieta Adkins may appeal to you if you want to have a quick weight loss and like proteins. This diet restricts carbohydrates and relies mainly on proteins for meals..The only drawback is that you can only follow this diet for a limited period of time so you must be careful to adjust your eating habits when finishing this diet so that you do not gain back weight.

Dieta Fricker is also one that can be followed after weight loss has been achieved. This diet has 3 phases, a high speed phase to lose weight, then one to stabilize your weight and to get your body used to eating in a new way without gaining weight. Then finally the final phase that can be followed on a regular basis that will help you eat in a way that keeps you at your new weight and maintains this new weight.

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