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An Impromptu Trip to the Subiaco

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A relaxing road trip to Rome became a bit unnerving for someone that has a fear of heights..but well worth the anxiety..”you have never been to the Benedictine Monastery in Subiaco, have you? asked my better half..while driving..and soon we were on our way to an impromptu what felt like ..the middle of the sky!

And as I have become used to these impromptu special surprises that are a normal part of any day..I agreed..only to he masterfully maneuvered the car through the curviest of curves..”please return..this is too high for me”..ohhh he will thank me when you get there” so I closed my eyes and held my breath..I could feel the wheels of the car turning sharply as he sliced and diced  through each curve with the skills of a Grand Prix champion..

The experience was worth every anxiety attack I had on the way up…


The Benedictine Monastery is a multi level church with frescoes and altars from approximately 500 AD with a variety of additions done after then and after the war and within sight at a lower level is the Monastery of Santa Scolastica, the twin sister of St. Benedict..

The monks philosophy is Ora e Labora (in Latin that means pray and work) and some of their prayers are done in song as one could hear while walking (with mouth open) through every little nook and cranny and grotto and fresco of this amazing structure.



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