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To Market.. To Market.. To Mercato Esquilino in Roma

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A sunny (as usual) day in the center of Rome..what will be the plan for lunch and dinner??..a special Saturday…Pranzo (lunch) will be pappardelle al funghi (Egg noodles with fresh mushrooms) and cena-dinner –will be a lighter seafood dish..orato con pomodori paccheri  e olive neri (Orato Fish with cherry tomatoes and black olives).


esquilino 1

A Saturday trip to the market would be in order to complete the plan..Mercato Esquilino is a walk away.,.so we set out to one of the fresh open air markets in Roma…filled with many on this beautiful day…follow your nose and you can find freshly caught fish of any type…’sceglie due buona Orati per me” (Choose 2 good Orato fish for me), I said to the fish monger and choose he did…on our way to find black olives but couldn’t resist the red oranges of Sicily..and had to stop to get a kilo….


marcato esquilino 5

Ok now my search for black olives were everywhere..I seemed to be searching for a needle in a haystack-could it be possible that only green olives were for sale today…in desperation I asked one of the purveyors who gladly told me ‘fai una gira a dritta e subito vai sinistra” (make a right and then a quick left) he told me and there in front of me was  every kind of olive you could and black, baked or dried, hot and spicy or plain, from Greece, from different parts of Italy…

esquilino 11


Enjoy your Sunday dinner ..Buona Domenica…!


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