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Celebrate Water

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Today is a day to Celebrate…World Water Day! Water is a resource that most take for granted.Photo  14 Just think of all the precious water it took to make this beautiful green scenery… If you live somewhere where you have free access to pure, clean water, please be respectful of your water sources. Not everyone in the world is so lucky and has free access to clean, pure water, to some it is a luxury. So please don’t take it for granted.

Please help the world conserve this precious resource by:

*Not letting water run for long periods of time unnecessarily

*Try making use of rain water for gardening and other outside tasks by using a rain barrel. You can find info on ‘making a rain barrel ,online.

*When you can cook without water or only small amounts of water, please do so. Some vegetables are better off steamed.

*If you do cook veggies in water ,reuse the water for soups, this water is filled with minerals and vitamins from the vegetables.

*Reuse some of the water used to cook pasta in making sauces, soups,the water is flavored from the pasta.


Water is a precious gift given  to us by Mother Nature.

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