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Strawberries, Smultronsallet, Memories

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Strawberries..wild strawberries everywhere.. I understand why the Swedish call  wild strawberries “Smultronsallet”. which translates more exactly to mean a ‘strawberry field patch’-a Swedish colloquialism that means a place or a time in one’s life which is fondly remembered and frequently revisited nostalgically in memory.

strawberries from Trentino 1

Do you have a Smultronsallet- wild strawberry patch that you can revisit, one that brings you back to a time and place that you can get to when you need to smile and reflect on happy, carefree memories..I knew strawberries had some kind of therapeutic effect..more than just eating them…

You can see what the true meaning is in the 1959 film Wild Strawberries

Share your special  wild strawberry patch stories with us here..what memories does your wild strawberry patch help you to revisit…

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