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Ferratelle, Pizzelle for Memorial Day Picnic and A Free Book! The Basic Art of Coffee

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Pizzelle or Ferratelle…These are the perfect portable dessert for any picnic.. But first sure to set an extra plate at your table this Memorial Day as an honorary plate to remember all those that gave their lives for our freedom in the USA…and also to honor those in service they deserve this day of honor and more!

This recipe is known as ferratelle because that is the traditional name of the cookies that most call pizzelle…but ferratelle is what they are called in Abruzzo and this recipe is from Abruzzo and uses saffron from L’Aquila..if you can’t find saffron from L’Aquila Italy..use whatever saffron you find…not quite the same but similar…

You do need a pizzelle iron or electric pizzelle maker to cook these wafer like gems.

WIN A FREE BOOK-  DO you know why they call these cookies ‘ Ferratelle’ in Abruzzo??..the correct answer wins a copy of my latest book The Basic Art of Coffee just comment here with your answers and your emails and you will be notified..first correct answer wins!


Ferratelle allo Zafferano

400 gr flour

1 small envelope of saffron from L’Aquila,Italy

1/4 cup sugar

2 tablespoons Aurum Liqueur

extra virgin olive oil

In a small dish blend the saffron with olive oil just until saffron is melted. Set aside.  Sift flour in another bowl, add in eggs, blend by hand or with electric mixer. Then add in the saffron with olive oil, sugar and a few drops of Aurum liqueur. The dough has to be mixed till it is smooth and well blended. Then roll the dough into two balls.  cut off a piece and make a cylinder of about 1 inch in diameter. Cut off pieces that are about 1 1/4 inch in length. Heat electric pizzelle maker and follow directions for use.

‘Once upon a time’ (or as we say “C’era una volta”) pizzelle or ferratelle were made with a single wafer  iron, cooked over a hot stove. The wafers had to be cooked one side at a time …but it is not as popular since you can only make one at a time.. but they are more flavorful .. a slow process…many of the old recipe books (including one from my great aunt who was a personal chef) tell you to’ time the cooking of the pizzelle by saying the Ave Maria prayer and when the prayer is finished turn over the iron cook on the other side and time the same way’….

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