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Manitowoc Ice

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If you are interested in increasing the amount of business at your hotel, there are a few things that you need to know about presentation. Advertising is helpful, but the hotel is really going to sell itself when people walk inside. You need it to present all of its best characteristics so that they do not decide to keep on going, looking for another place to stay. Do Your Maintenance Promptly First, you need to fix and repair things right away. You should buy Manitowoc ice machine parts as soon as the ice machine breaks down, for example, rather than putting it off for a few months. If things have “Out of Order” signs on them, people will think that the hotel is unsightly and that you may not take good care of other things, like the plumbing or the beds. Clean the Lobby Repeatedly The rooms may need to be cleaned just once a day, but the lobby should be cleaned every few hours. This is the first room that people see when they get there, and they will judge your entire hotel in a second based on what they notice. It should be clean and inviting at all times of day. Offer Freebees People love to get things for free. Even if you just have a coffee maker in the lobby that they can use, they will really appreciate it. This will show them that you are dedicated to making sure that their experience is as good as possible.

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