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A Visit..a Gift..Pizza

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A surprise visit to a local baker in town and her family just to say hi and give hugs and kisses ….  and our visit ends up being about food…a typical yeast in particular when I mention that I will be making pizza this afternoon for lunch….. I left with a rare present for today’s pizza.. madre is not the yeast made from beer but a yeast made from a natural fermentation process.. made with just flour, honey, water olive oil..a long fermentation process..and everytime pizza is made some of this ‘madre yeast’ is put aside and  kept in refrigerator  for next batch of pizza or makes  pizza and bread with a lighter  and fresher tasting yeast smell ..just the perfume of a fragrant pizza filling  the kitchen..…. if you can get some from your local bakery it is well worth taking the time to find….but beware you will not want to eat pizza made from regular brewer’s yeast again!


Some bakeries and pizzerias here in Italy have kept this natural yeast in their families for over 50 yrs. It is a natural yeast and  healthy for you because of the presence of  lactobacillus ,the healthy bacteria…. also more easily digestible than pizza made with yeast from brewer’s yeast…

pizza w fresh tomatoes mozzarella


Which one is your favorite? Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella..or extra virgin olive oil and freshly picked Organic rosemary…I can never choose between..

You can serve with a chilled white wine…Est!Est!Est! or a Trebbiano..makes this a meal..

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