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Happy Santo Stefano, Christmas Leftovers, Nativity Scenes

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And the week continues on as one long is Santo Stefano ( Saint Stephen).. this day has been a national Holiday here in Italy since 1946. But this is also un-officially known as the ‘day of leftovers’ and a day to relax from all the ‘madness’ in the kitchen… besides everyone is usually ‘cooked out’ after Christmas…. since the Presepe (Nativity scene) is more of a tradition than the Christmas Tree, here are some I have found on display

And that is just fine with me..there is nothing better than leftovers with memories of Christmas just past.. ..and as I looked in the fridge this morning attempting to piece together a coordinated menu from all the leftovers (one never knows what one will find still in fridge with so many overnight guests at home)


Ahh… I am pleasantly surprised to find  leftover seafood from our Feast of the Seven Fishes …fresh tomatoes..fresh arugula..fresh mushrooms..parmigiana-reggiano..locally made Pecorino from Abruzzo and a loaf of bread ( in the cupboard) from our local ‘forno’..

*Seafood (frutta di Mare con Pesto) with Pasta and a Pesto Sauce

frutta di mare con pesto

*Fresh arugula Salad with  tomatoes topped with shaved parmigiana-reggiano cheese and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

*Bruschetta with Locally produced olive oil

crostini with olive oil

*An opened bottle of Pecorino – a dry white wine from Abruzzo (perfect to accompany the second course and side dishes)

Unlike my Christmas meals this one will come together quickly.. and I will still be able to get to the Santo Stefano Christmas Mercato (Market) in the piazza for a stroll,,,, but don’t forget the fresh fruit, Panettone and torrone for dessert..and the ever obligatory game of Tombola (Bingo) ..but Panettone always takes a central place on the table no matter what is going on during these festive days..

Are you doing anything creative with your Cnristmas leftovers?..share your recipes with us here!

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