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Celebrate Roman Festival of Terminalia with a Caffe Principessa Cocktail

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February 23rd marks  the Roman  festival- Terminalia- celebrated in honor of the God Terminus, who presided over property/land boundaries. February 23rd also happened to be the last day of the Roman Calendar Year .

(Your neighbor may think you are crazy)..but to truly celebrate this festival like ancient times you need to place a statue of the God Terminus on your property line (the border between you and your neighbor) and place a garland of flowers around the neck of  of Terminus…but  if you invite your neighbor over for a  hot caffe principessa  to celebrate  instead, he/she may be more willing to take part in this ancient ritual and  Festival….


Caffe Principessa (Princess Coffee)

excerpted from The Basic Art of…Cocktails


*1/2 cup hot espresso

*1 tblsp rum

*2 tblsps water

*1 tblsp brown sugar

*pinch of powdered sugar

*1 dried orange peel

*pinch of powdered cinnamon

*whipped cream

In a small sauce pan, pour in water,orange peel, sugar, rum. Heat and stir, Remove from heat, filter or pour through cheesecloth into a tempered glass. Add in hot  coffee and powdered sugar,stir. Top with whipped cream and pinch of powdered sugar on top.


(Not all princesses can be awakened by a handsome prince only, some need a cup of coffee also!)


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