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A Trip to Cetara, and an Ancient Sauce, an Amalfi TV trailer..some Amalfi Therapy

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So continuing on my trip through Amalfi and filming of the first episode of my new PBS TV show.. the story I want to share today comes from the little town of Cetara.. a fisherman’s village and a little gem on the Amalfi Coast. one of the towns we stopped in..Here is where I discovered an ingredient that comes from the ancient Romans but still exists here..the liquid the Romans made was called in Cetara they call it Colatura di alici.. One of the  ancient cookbook authors Pliny referred to Garum as ‘an exquisite liquor’.  Modern day Worcestershire sauce does contain anchovies so the ancient Romans were definitely on to something with this sauce.

Now for those of you that have never dined with the ancient Romans, ( I’m guessing that is all of us) garum or colatura is a tasty liquid that is made up of anchovies that have been cured in layers of salt for 8-9 months.  It is an anchovy sauce and no one does it better than the residents of Cetara.  For them it is a passion. The process of making the colatura di alici  is handed down from generations of families here, from the  wooden barrel that the anchovies are cured in to the recipe to the type of anchovy that is used. It is more than just a sauce in Cetara it is a tradition. it is meant to be a seasoning not to be used as a sauce on its’ own.

One of the local chefs who helped prepare an ‘oh-so-delicious’ pasta  dish with this sauce is a local chef who just happens to own one of the best restaurants there-Franco


You can catch a clip of Franco making a pasta dish with the colatura sauce in this trailer..The full episode will be airing later in 2014 on PBS. Contact your local PBS station to find out dates and times

the show  The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati tm will be airing.


Close your eyes and pretend you are now in the beautiful paradise known as Amalfi and enjoy this clip


A special thank you to everyone that attended my ‘Cooking Authentic Tuscan Class and Dinner” at the Culinary Center in Lansdale Pa. It was a sold out event!


May 24th- Casa Casale (the ultimate Italian foodie store and more) , located in Lahaska, Pa- book signing and cooking demo  the Gourmand Award Winning Book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays and Special Occcasions-2nd edition.  Casa Casale is located in Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Pa, event will take place between 12 and 3 PM. Event is free and open to the public and includes sampling. For more info call Casa Casale at 215-794-1474 or go to See you there!










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Great Grapes Wine & Food Festival


Saturday, May 31st, a Book Signing/Sampling/Cooking Demo at  12 PM to 2 PM,   E•N•Olivier extraordinary oils & vinegars,


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