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Quinoa Mushroom Patties and Redfish Roti with Plated.Com

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I had such a great time last week making dinner…quinoa patties with mushrooms and redfish roti! I had fun because all my ingredients were all pre measured out, and mailed directly to me. No stress of shopping for ingredients.

I went to and selected the right dishes for my guests and scheduled the date I wanted them delivered. My fresh ingredients were delivered for the dishes I selected. The recipe delivery was also included.

The meals are healthy and there is no stress. You can plan a family meal or a meal for guests that are healthy,delicious and fun to make. And for those of us that are short on time, there is no extra time required to go out and search for the right ingredients. It is all done for you. After a busy day at work,

you will have ingredients pre measured, ready to go to make a delicious gourmet meal for friends or family.

The seafood is from Sea to Table, a Brooklyn-based company that partners with local fishermen from small-scale sustainable wild fisheries and ships the catch directly to you, so healthy seafood is part of the seafood meals.

I ordered the Quinoa Mushroom Patties…yum they were truly different and delicious. They even included a pouch of grated pecorino cheese, which added loads of flavor to the quinoa. These patties made a great meat free style meatball or patties and were really flavorful with all the spices that were included in my packet. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.



Quinoa Mushrorom Patties



The redfish roti was equally as impressive. And who knew this Caribbean dish could be so easy to prepare, and so delicious too. The roti were great as an accompaniment to the redfish. This was truly a great, light, healthy dish. But it was a great dish to prepare and makes it so easy to do enough a non experienced chef could do this without much effort! It was fun to create an authentic Caribbean dish with not having to take a course on authentic Caribbean cooking

.     did all the thinking and shopping and planning for me, all I had to do was wait for my shipment, plan the meal and who I was going to invite and voila! I had a great meal.

It truly could not be easier to have a great gourmet dish in your own kitchen created by you (or at least your friends and family will think so) but did all the work.

Plated is extending a great deal to my readers  HERE




The redifsh roti was equally as impresive

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