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Keep Calm and Have a Cocktail..A Decorated Cocktail that is!

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The Holiday season is soon approaching.. and cocktails are a great  ‘get together’ beverage..what better way to relax the palate then to begin with a are my 11 tips for perfectly decorated cocktails from The Basic Art of Cocktails….after all décor and presentation is almost important as taste during the Holidays…cocktails can be alcoholic or alcohol is not necessary..a cocktail is all about the style of presentation of the beverage, the place they are served and the relaxed mood of the venue…

Cocktails because no great story ever began with someone munching on a big salad…

1 Harmony and balance are the two things to keep in mind when decorating a cocktail.
2 For short drinks, use small maraschino cherries, black and green olives, lemon
orange or lime peel.
3 For medium cocktails, use decorations that are fruit., vegetable or herb based.
4 For long drinks, always serve with a straw to facilitate easy enjoyment of the
5 Decorations should be not only esthetically pleasing to the eye, but also pleasing
to the palate.
6 Avoid decorations that are complicated or time-consuming to create.
7 When using fruit or vegetables be sure to use ones that are not overly ripe.
8 Be sure to wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly, if using the skin also.
9 Give your drinks chromatic effects just by adding crushed ice, creams or colored
liqueurs. These must also blend well with the taste of the drink.
10 For a decorative effect, sprinkle powdered coffee, cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon or
shaved chocolate on top.
11 For another effect, place glass in freezer before serving and decorate rim of glass

For more cocktail recipes get your copy of The Basic Art of Cocktails  exclusively on Kindle and the award winning book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking:Holidays and Special Occasions 2

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