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Food, Love, What Way to Celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day!

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Saint Valentine’s Day all began because of a bishop known as Saint Valentine in the town of Terni, Umbria who faced persecution and death because he married young lovers at a time that it was not allowed because young men were needed to go off to war… and February 14th is celebrated as this day to honor LOVE…

Join me for a culinary week long tour and cooking classes in the place where it all began for a Yummy Saint Valentine’s Day week  with cooking demos, cooking classes, tours of local producers, Saint Valentine’s Day festivities all happening in the town of Terni Umbria where one of Italy’s most renowned culinary schools is also located.  This will be a week long event and includes hotel and meals along with culinary events, cooking classes, demos, presentations and Valentine’s Day events. The registration is limited so register now for this exciting event and Celebrate St Valentine’s Day  with this unique ,special trip.

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Join me on March 5th and 12th at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, Pa, Registration is limited. Celebrate The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: DaVinci Style with 2 Tuscan themed feasts, cooking demos,book signings and more!


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