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#Real6 and Chuice

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#real6 concept of eating Real food always is such a no-brainer/ So eat real food all the time means you have no need to do a detox and cleanse since you are already eating clean. I love the way Chuice fits into this philosophy. Chuice is this yummy chewy real food. And Chuice makes a great way to fit real food into a hectic lifestyle.

I am always on the go with not much time to spare,sometimes not even for cooking, so Chuice for me is a great way to have a real food meal, especially when I am on the go with not much time to whip up something fresh and real.

When you have a Chuice you are also forcing your mouth to do some chewing which puts your digestive juices into action and can also give you a feeling of being full. What a great concept!

Besides we all know that consuming anything that is processed slows you down and also slows down the digestive process and your metabolism. But when you consume Chuice you do the opposite, you speed up your digestion and metabolism. And if you decide to try the #real6 you can do so with free shipping and handling. Get started and get free shipping to try it out!

You may think it is some kind of juice but honestly it was nothing like I have tasted before. I can describe it as a bottle of chewy real food., not a juice but a food/ And furthermore it is a food that makes you feel full and gives some energy.

I need lots of energy throughout my day, so I substituted Chuice  for one meal in my day. WOW it made me feel great! And the best part of it is that it is also  great for your health.

It is a sort of un-tox for your system. If you eat clean, real food, your body will thank you in more ways than one, by giving you more energy but also because it will be operating more efficiently, that incldues your metabolism. Also there are actually 9 grams of fiber in a 12 ounce bottle

I love the unique story that Chuice has also, check it out CHUICE



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