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Oktoberfest….Philly Food and Wine Show this weekend

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Oktoberfest: Beer, beer and more beer. Like

Many holidays/festivals with historical origin  celebrated marriages and special events between prominent people within the society.Oktoberfest is no different, originating on October 12, 1810 celebrating  the marriage of the Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The marriage was celebrated and five days after the ceremony, a large festival was held in front of one of the gates leading to Munich. The festival has since then spread worldwide and many activities have been added while others were banned in the celebration.  As we think of the festival now, it seems to be centered around beer and festivities. Typically, the celebrations last anywhere from mid- to late September  until early or mid October.

In some areas, like the Alpine Village Oktoberfest and Hermann, Missouri, the celebrations are relegated to the weekends, while other areas revel in the festivities every day. In Munich, parades mark the first day of the festival and lederhosen and dirndls are seen in abundance. Millions of people attend the various celebrations and participate in the many activities and sample the various German style cuisine provided. Carnival rides, sideshows, music shows and dancing are all prominent features of many of the Oktoberfest festivities.Many breweries release an Oktoberfest style beer, often coinciding with holiday pumpkin beer. The Märzen beer, or Oktoberfest beer as is it now known, is the traditional beer for this celebration and has adapted from a lager that originated in Bavaria, where the Crown Prince was married. It has a medium to full body and can vary in color from pale to dark brown. The beer was brewed in March using a special recipe that allowed the beer to last through the 24th of April to the 28th of September. Today, these beers tend to be lighter in color and body than the traditional beer offered during the Crown Prince’s wedding, but are no less flavorful and popular. Depending on which country has produced the beer, it can vary in color as well as taste, as some breweries use caramel malts that allow for a sweeter flavor than the original and more bitter German beer.

Understanding where certain holidays and celebrations originate from allows for a broader view of just what is being celebrated. While many people prefer to just celebrate the beer itself and stock up on the seasonal brands, there are still those who appreciate the background and enjoy listening to the stories that go along with the celebration.

Hope to see you this weekend October 16-18 at the Valley Forge Casino in King of Prussia Pennsylvania..

I will be onstage on Saturday 5:30 PM and doing book signings and sampling of recipes from my books at my booth all weekend, For more info email: or go to

 October 23rd, see you at Stratford Library Stratford, NJ for a book signing and Holiday sampling for The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays and Special Occasions 303 Union Avenue (behind the Stratford Fire Company)
(856) 783 – 0602

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