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Slowwwww…Cooking with Stay and Go from Hamilton Beach

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As my role as Brand Ambassador for Hamilton Beach I love coming up with recipes for the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker…so much fun seeing what I can put together with a few or many ingredients.  And there is a ceramic pot inside so it can go from slow cooker to table- no extra bowl needed. Just take out ceramic pot when finished cooking and place on table with a ladle and your meal is ready to be served, so easy to make fresh, healthy meals!

The slow cooker makes cooking so convenient, and a great way to have hot meal ready when you get home from work.  Since I like to cook with fresh veggies, this also makes a delicious way to put togehter soups, stews,sauces

I had lots of  fresh veggies that I needed to make use of and what better way than to whip up something in my Stay and Go Slow Cooker. This is especially suited for vegetarians but if you want to add meat just take out the meat substitute and add in meat instead.

CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS-And you too can win a Stay and Go! Slow Cooker by Hamilton Beach. Email or post your best slow cooker recipe in the comment section of this blog or email to with STAY and GO in the subject.  One winner will be selected for a Stay and GO Slow Cooker by Hamilton Beach. All recipes become property of Art of Living,PrimaMedia,Inc. Every entrant will receive a Stay and Go recipe ebook from Hamilton Beach. Be sure to include your email with any entries so that we can contact the winner and send them their prize. Winner is picked at random. Contest only available where allowable by law.

Lazy Day Vegetable Stew

1/4 head of cabbage chopped

1 onion chopped

2 cloves garlic chopped

3 leeks chopped

4 ounces baby carrots-washed and cut

2 stalks fresh celery diced

3 fennel bulbs cut into quarters

8 ounces vegetarian ‘ meat’ ( I used a type of soy ground meat)

1-16 ounce can crushed tomatoes

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Place  olive oil in saute pan and place in  onion, garlic . When onions become translucent, place in soy based meat and stir fry.  Place chopped veggies in the slow cooker, then plae in the sauteed soy meat with onion and garlic. Pour in crushed tomatoes. Cook in the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker and enjoy with warm bread on the side..

I set the timer for 2 hours on low, can hardly wait to get home for lunch..

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