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Thanksgiving..the day to give thanks…..

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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! This is the day to remember to give thanks..sometimes we take for granted so many things that are really special gifts..

if you can see the food on your thankful for the gift of sight

If you can eat the food on your thankful

If you can hear the laughter of children and family and friends …be thankful for the gift of hearing

If you can walk and sit and thankful for that is also a gift we take for granted

if you can shop for the food you cooked and cook the thankful

If you have a home to cook your food and eat it….be thankful

If you have a plate of thankful

However you spend Thanksgiving, be thankful for what you have!

Sometimes we think we have so little, when really, we have a lot…

So many gifts we have been given to be thankful for this special day..don’t take these gifts for granted..

Peace, Love and lots of Spaghetti..for this Holiday


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