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Garlic..Nature’s Medicine

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I love garlic to flavor many of my recipes..and apparently that is a good thing…

Garlic – Nature’s Medicine

Garlic has been documented as being in use in 3000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt, the Mediterranean area, Pakistan, India, China, Spain, Portugal, France, and later America.
“For thousands of years, people have grown garlic for food to cure wounds, ear infections, and leprosy, restore virility, ward off vampires, and keep scorpions at bay. In fact, ancient Egyptians found garlic so special they even worshipped it.”

Interesting enough though are the 10 most unusual uses for garlic today:

1. To treat acne

2. To ward off mosquitoes

3. To help pets repel fleas and ticks

4. To expel parasites from the body

5. To use a garden pesticide

6. To take as an antibiotic

7. To use as fishing bait

8. To convert into glue

9. To ingest as cough syrup

10. To use as an aphrodisiac

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