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Amalfi Coast, Ravello and A Limoncello Recipe

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The Amalfi Coast which includes Ravello and Positano is rich with history and so many beautiful sights to see . But one of the sights not to be missed is the famous  lemon gardens of Amalfi. These lemons are known not only for their taste but also their therapeutic properties and are used to make skin creams as well as to flavor dry pasta and oils and vinegars .

The most popular use for those giant lemons is a liqueur called Limoncello.

The story of Limoncello is attached to many legends that credit the invention of this liqueur to Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri. The first trademark for Limoncello was registered in 1988 by an Italian businessman, whose family members originally invented the recipe many many years ago. The preparation for Limoncello is simple but takes practice and has to be watched for a a few months as it ages. It has the distinctive fragrant smell of the lemons of the Amalfi Coast and is used as a digestive, as a dessert and used in many dessert recipes as well.

Here is a recipe for Crema di Limoncello (Limoncello Cream)


*10 organic lemons (preferably lemons of Amalfi)

*2 ½ pound sugar

*2 quarts of water

*95% Pure Alcohol

Wash the lemons in warm water. Peel them with a potato peeler( it is important that you eliminate the white part under the peel or the liqueur will be bitter). Cut the peel into thin stick like pieces and place them in a glass container with 25 ounces of pure alcohol. Let this sit for one month in a cool place.
After one month has passed you are ready for next step, put water in a pan to boil, add in sugar stirring till sugar is melted. When sugar has melted, remove from heat, let cool and add in 8 ounces more of pure alcohol. Then  pour into bottle with infusion of lemon peel and alcohol.
Seal the bottle and let sit for another 40 days. Then open the bottle ,filter the liquid through a cheese cloth, and place back into glass bottle. Store in freezer.
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