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Ravino..The New Ravioli on the Table..

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The internet is populated with poems and stories expressing love for this beloved Italian staple!

For me… special Sunday dinners were always filled with the aroma of sauce bubbling and a pot filled with boiling water and homemade ravioli…but it was more than the ravioli that made those dinners special…besides the long hours and love and fresh ingedients that went into making the meal…our lives were shaped by those ravioli dinners..they were truly a culinary opera..fresh food, opera music in the background, sharing stories and photos of family that were far away in Italy..It was perhaps an un-ordinary way that my grandparents and parents taught us about culture and our family history….But ravioli was always the special ingredient..the delicious conduit that seemed to bring us all together.

pasta photo

Ravino.. is the new ravioli in town. Fresh, artisan handmade pasta filled with luscious ingredients including that ultra creamy old world style ricotta  in your choice of spinach and ricotta, ricotta, mushroom and fontina cheese and chickpea and kale. They are as healthy as this dish was meant to  be and truly light as a feather averaging approximately 130 calories for 4 ravioli.

Use them as a healthy snack for mid afternoon or for after school snacks..Ravino is the versatile ravioli..

Tyr light you won’t feel guilty eating them for dinner…


For recipes get your copy of the Gourmand World Award Winning book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays and Special Occasions-2nd edition


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