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Private Tours of Rome, Italy

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Travelers today have so many travel options to choose from. but private tours are one of the best ways to get a truly personal experience in the destination of your choice. You will also be able to discover local points of attraction and travel around like a local for the day!

If you have ever thought about visiting the Eternal City- Rome, Italy, or even if you have been there already, give yourself, and loved ones the personal gift of a private tour on your next visit and you will begin to see Rome as the locals do.

Take private tours of Rome

The city is filled with so much to discover that you may want to do a private tour there more than once with so many places to visit.

Did you know that the ancient Romans invented the multi-course banquets as we know them today. So after experiencing the sights and sounds of the city don’t forget to experience a well deserved taste of the city as well. There are many delicious street foods you can find while walking. In the winter time, nothing beats a hot paper cone filled with freshly roasted chestnuts, sold on the street. In the summer time of the year, a cone of home made gelato is a delicious way to wind down after a hectic day. You can also get a taste of the original iced coffee topped with real cream at many of the coffee bars in town.

Andt when you are back home you may want to share your photos around the kitchen table with a taste of Rome- Bruschetta alla Romana- the same bruschetta served in some restaurants in Rome as an antipasto.

Bruschetta alla Romana

*1 loaf of crusty Italain bread- cut into thick slices

*4 cloves of garlic

*7 fresh plum tomatoes, chopped and seeded

*1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

*salt to taste

*1 fresh bunch of basil-chopped

Place bread slices on a cookie sheet and broil on both sides till golden or place on grill. Arrange bread slices on a plate and brush top with olive oil, rub each slice with peeled garlic cloves. Place chopped tomatoes in bowl, add in remaining olive oil and pinch of salt, chopped basil. Toss and top each slice with tomato mixture and serve



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