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Birthday traditions

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Technorati Tags : , One of our editors, Patricia E. Mooney, has assisted me in coming up with some of these interesting facts and trivia that I bet most of you are not aware of. I found them so interesting that I will be featuring these facts and interesting trivia features from time to time. I have always found it fascinating -when studying culinary arts in Europe- to find that certain foods and dishes we use today are derived from the ancient Romans or Greeks. Hopefully these facts will captivate one’s imagination…Since it seems that June is birthday month for many of my family and friends, I thought we would start with this little interesting fact. By the way it certainly will make an interesting story at the next birthday party. Some scholars claim that our modern birthday cakes topped with candles are related to those once created for Artemis. The lit candles are reminders of the sacred fires of Artemis. Blowing out the candles and making a wish are remnants of forgotten magic rituals-perhaps the very ones used to gain the favor of Artemis. Also, the colors of the candles that you use on top of the cake are related to many different aspects of spirituality- white for protection and purification; green for spiritual growth, abundance and money; yellow for clear thinking;orange for energy. A round cake represents spirituality while square and rectangular symbolize prosperity.Ads by

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