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Pasqua and Pasquetta..chocolate eggs and more…

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Today, as I sit here in my office and daydream my way out of? dull office tasks that i have been putting off for months-unfortunately life can not be made? up of just cooking and eating and writing creative thoughts- I caught myself daydreaming away and? thinking of? many ? memorable ? “Pasquetta”? Holidays I have spent? in Italy and realizing thathis year I would not be celebrating Pasquetta…

Pasquetta? really means ‘little? Easter’ and is the Monday after Easter and one of Italy’s biggest and? busiest Holidays.

? It is considered to be the holiday for lovers and for romance because Spring has just arrived and everyone takes to the mountains or the parks? to have beautiful spring picnic and observe the flowers blooming ,the Italian sun and? the fresh air.? Walking up the mountains, hearing the chirping of the birds and the glow of the warm Italian sun while you are enjoying a pannino that was just made this morning-probably with fresh mozzarella, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and tomatoes on the side. Washed but not cut yet-a small knife brought along to cut and carefully, artfully cut the tomatoes and place in the pannino..ahh now it is ready to eat.. How I remember those Pasquettas so well. This year I will be spending it back in the States- not having Pasquetta to look forward to.. I know that Monday, April 9th I will be working. and that carefree feeling just will not be there.that feeling that is hard to replicate..of cell phones ringing every which way..meeting in the piazza the night before to make plans for Pasquetta the next day. The most important questions are:

*Where will we meet for cornetti and cappuccino in the morning before our trip

*Where will we go, or should we just do it ‘a la italienne’ (As the French say) and plan tomorrow morning after we have had the revving up of our minds by the cappuccino and cornetto.

(I have been known to? be able to? make extra important ? decisions effortlessly-? after my morning cappuccino and cornetto- it is hard to explain.. it gives such a powering or magical? ? effect-I guess it must be all that caffeine.. or having? your ? body and your mind wake up to all those marvelous flavors and smells- an experience that no coffee bar in America can offer-no matter how popular!!)

*What time shall we all meet…well I think we can just call upon waking up.

And the next day always begin later than planned and planned on the spur of the moment turns into a wonderful Spring adventure filled with simple sights, and sounds and tastes..

Since I can’t ? spend Pasquetta in Italy this year, I can consider my therapy (terapia)? as writing my blogs on Pasquetta and remembering..pasquettas of times past and I will? be writing some recipes tomorrow from past Picnics. We should do a Picnic in Tuscany type Pasquetta menu tomorrow using the spice blend I developed in Tuscany-Sapori D’Italia.. The recipes will be rom my laest book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. please don’t forget-if you buy a copy portions of proceeds go to Gilda’s Club ( You cna buy a copy -for limited time- at my website with no shipping charges at

? Please let me know if you have ever spent Pasquetta in Italy or would like to try one here in the States.. I have a desperate voglio for? Pasquetta, the vineyard, the villa, amici, pastiere. uovi cioccolatti..colombo, frittata per Pasqua….

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