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Buon Giorno del Ringraziamento

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Thanksgiving Day is special for many reasons. Think of all the things, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. In keeping with tradition of the first Thanksgiving – don’t forget about giving thanks for the wonderful food you enjoy- and anything that has been prepared at home is always special because you have given it your own special touch.  

 I know most will have the traditional turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes and more.  Mashed potatoes made from real potatoes with some broth, a small amount of butter is a great way make mashed potatoes healthy and delicious.

Instead of the mashed potatoes this year- we have decided to have risotto with funghi (mushrooms) this year instead. Always making it healthy- the risotto will be made with extra virgin olive oil, (light on the olive oil) fresh mushrooms, onions, real parmigiana-reggiano cheese, fresh veggie broth

In keeping it healthy and light- our meal will end with fresh fruit macedonia and a light version of pumpkin pie- pumpkin crostata. Pumpklin  and sweet potatoes (of course you know) are both  full of Vitamin A and great for your skin.

For any of these recipes, just email me at

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ciao for now!


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