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Prosecco and risotto ..mmm

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I must admit that my kitchen here (at our villa in Abruzzo) has turned more into a laboratory than a kitchen.  I am testing out recipes for my new upcoming books..I guess there could be worse things to complain about than having too much Italian food.

It was quite difficult to find a place to sit to eat for dinner tonight, surrounded by many main courses and desserts left over at lunch time..and difficult to decide which one to eat.

This aftenoon’s pranzo (lunch) was somewhat of a copy of the meal in my last blog but  (as I am always looking for) I found a great ingredient that totally changed the whole dish and this became ourchaosen lunch among some of the others I tested out today.

The special ingredient..a dry, sparkling, Prosecco wine added to and served with the risotto instead of a plain dry white wine..  The pecorino wine that I used as mentioned in my last blog can not be really considered a plain white wine, but Prosecco made the dish a special one..maybe it was the feel of having a sparkling wine with a meal instead of just using it for a toast or to celebrate a special occasion. Well,wait a minute, today was a special occasion, we got to eat my seafood risotto with Prosecco..yes I would consider that special…

And for dessert, a fresh macedonia (find the recipe in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking)made with Tarocco oranges from Sicily.

Tomorrow I will be testing a reicpe for a dish that has its’ origins in Naples..gatto. it comes for mthe french word ‘gateau; (pronounced both as  gah-toe). This word means cake in French, but it is a main course made with mashed potatoes, provolone and mozzarella cheese, bread crumbs, eggs, fresh parsley..

I know this will end up being our lunch (pranzo ) and I will check back here with the recipe tommorrow or as soon as we have finished enjoying…

It is mezzanotte (midnight) here in the mountains of Abruzzo and I am finishing up for tonight…


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