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A fast Ferrari or a sweet’s choice..

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If  you had a choice between a Ferrari or a Ferrari – replica made by Neapolitan pastry chefs what would you choose? By the way the pastry was made in Sorrento..which makes it  especailly difficult to pass up..

Well if you were in Sorrento (Italy) between now and Sunday (Feb 24) you could have your choice. On display there is a model Ferrari made out of  handmade pastry. Made by   volunteers there and  in the exact shape and Ferrari red  color. The volunteers from 25 bakeries in and around Naples labored for 400 hours to create this luscious masterpiece-not unlike its’ real counterpart.

It was commisioned by the Pastry Chefs Club of Italy with the collaboration of the Ferrari club of Naples to ensure the authentic scale of the model.  A special water solubile coloring was used to match the  red Ferrari color and it includes authentic Belgian Chocolate..mmmmmm

The model is said to be an exact 1:1  scale model of the Ferrari and weighs approximately 1,000 pounds.

So what is your vice- speed or sweets..with beauty of course..  In my opinion, no matter what you choose you still come out a winner.

So what will it be a Ferrari or the Ferrari chocolate pastry   ?  let’s start a poll..look forward to hearing your choice..

Ciao for now..


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