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Recipe for Style..

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There are recipes for everything in life… a recipe for success.. even a recipe for style. I have often said that putting together a recipe or a dish is similar to putting together an outfit or your look.. Knowing what colors to use what fits best, what works best what appeals to you…. is a neat site. You can calculate your own special recipe for your look and your  style.  Just put in your facial shape, body type, and some other characteristics of  your body type and voila…

A special plan for your look, your style, what works, how to determine your style, what accessories work best, hair styles, makeup and more…all determined for you..all to mkae you look your best. was so helpful since it not only tells you about the right type of cut for clothing but it also tells the correct fit for shoes, coats, jackets, but also the correct type of makeup to wear and hairstyles to wear.  Most makeover sites only work on the clothing while this works also on determining makeup, hair and accessories which is so helpful in completing your look. While most people assume that knowing the right clothing for your site works you must also know the right makeup,hairstyle  and accesories to make it work!

So my recipe to you for your style can be found at: 

Ciao for now!!

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