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A visit to Rome, part 1

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Ahh Rome the eternal City!!  The Spring sun always reminds me of the city of Rome. It seems as though Rome is almost always sunny or I’d like to believe it is , or maybe that when I am in my favorite cityin the world it just feels that way. It also gives me that strong desire to plan my summer in Rome or you can plan to go there anytime of the year. Rome is always  beautiful . The Roman sun is like no other. 

Also please note that Rome is much more than the Colisuem and the Vatican (As if that was not enough). Rome has many different neighborhoods and sections that all have their won charcteristics and delights to see. One of my favorite eclectic neighborhoods in Rome is Trastevere. Out of the center, but a mix of the eclectic, artsy, beautiful churches and -oh yes- you can find great pizza there also.

It is a big city, so request a hotel near some of  the sights you want to see.

Christmastime is also a wonderful time in Rome..not as commercial as the U.S. but especially beautiful and festive.

You can book way in advance in fact as far  ahead as 12 months in advance . So if you want to plan that vacation and don’t want to worry about whether or not you will get reseravtions try a service  I have begun using.

HotelClub is a great  website that I have begun using, especially when I need to make reservations way in advance. They will make reservations up to 12 months in advance for hotel and accomodations.  HotelClub also has an almost infinite amount of hotel choices in over 5,000 cities all over the world. So for me, it has become almost like a one stop shop for about anywhere in the world my appearances and work takes me. 

Make your reservations way in advance  to Rome  or even last minute reservations to Rome. Either way you will have a large choice of hotels and if you would like to stop somewhere else like Paris or Barcelona while there- you can make reservations for these at Hotel Club. So it will save you time and energy and if not those cities you can at least ask and find out what else is available.

 Check back for the next blog it will be about a special place to visit while in Rome

Ciao for now!

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