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Fritte Miste

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fritte-miste-2.jpgFritte miste serves as a fitting appetizer for any special occasion.  It is one of my favorite appetizers and always fun to have when it is made right in front of you at a table set up with a chef  preparing live…and then handed to you in a brown paper cone.

Here is the recipe as promised.  This is a rustic recipe and served in brown paper cones to absorb any oil since it is typically finger food when served at an outdoor event or party. If you don’t want to use brown paper cones, servve as illustrated here in a dish surrounded by lemon wedges..oh by the way fritte miste literally means-‘mixed fry’ but it refers to the mixed kind of fish or fish and vegetables used for this.  You can use shrimp, squid, baccala, cod, any fish will do.

The ingredients are simple:
fish, flour (white or yellow), fresh lemon slices, olive oil, brown paper formed into cones.

Wash and clean 2 lbs of  fresh seafood including but not limited to shrimp, flounder, cod, squid, baccala, eel, anchovies, sardines.  Dry with paper towel thoroughly,

Place about 1 cup of flour in flat dish. Heat oil in saute pan. Dip fish pieces in flour. Fry till crispy and brown. Place on paper towels and then place in brown paper cones and serve each cone with a lemon wedge.

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Ciao for now!

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