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The Basic Art of Cooking..peach cobbler & Coolio!

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stuffed_peaches.jpgIt seems that more and more everyone is realizing that cooking is an art and many other artists in related fields are excited to show off their culinary skills. I spoke to award winning recording artist Coolio this summer. Coolio wanted to share with me the premiere of  his own cooking show on The Oxygen network starting in October

 Coolio has a  cutting edge beats and West Coast style of hip hop has garnered a huge loyal following. From starring in major blockbuster movies in Hollywood , to Grammy Award winning tracks, this platinum-selling artist has always kept it real.  His new reality show, “Cooking with Coolio”  to debut on The Oxygen Channel this fall, will only broaden his fan base as viewers get to watch him as a family man with his children in tow.  His new upcoming CD project, entitled, “Steal Hear” coyly explains a career which has spanned decades.

Here is part of the interview that appears in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati tm ezine this month at :

Maria Liberati:What is in your refrigerator now? What types of food do you like to keep on hand in your refrigerator?

Coolio: Milk, vegetables, tomato’s, mozzarella, chicken, steak, orange juice, butter, eggs, beef bacon, turkey sausage, ice cream, cheese, and fruit.

ML*What are your favorite foods?

C:Chicken and veggies

ML:*Do you stick to a special eating regimen?

C:Not really just no pork

ML:*What foods do you like to indulge in?

C:Everything except eggplant and pork

ML:*Is the kitchen an important part of your house?


ML:*Do you cook and/or enjoy cooking?


ML:*Do you share your fridge with anyone?


ML:*What are your favorite things to cook? (If you have one- feel free to share your favorite recipe with us- not mandatory)


ML:*Is there someone in particular who has influenced your cooking and/or eating habits, in what way?

C:My mother

ML:*In your dream dinner party who would you like to invite to your home for a dinner party? (Can be someone dead or alive, in the past or present)?

C:My mother

ML:*What would you serve or what would be on the menu?

C: Steak, potatoes, tomatoes and mozzarella with avocados, spinach, and peach cobbler

Although I did not get Coolio’s favorite recipe-Here is one of my favorite recipes for peach cobbler Italian style. It is less calories than the traditional one and uses less sugar and butter.

Pesche Imbotite (stuffed peaches)

5 whole peaches

Juice of 1 lemon

 3 tblsps brown sugar

2 cups of amaretti cookies crumbles

1/3 cup of European style butter unsalted

1/4 cup amaretto liqueuer or almond liqueur (optional)

Wash, Peel, halve peaches, remove pit. Plae in large bowl and squeeze lemon juice on top. Soak fora bout 10 minutes in lemon juice.

 In seperate bowl, place cookie crumbs, soft butter,sugar. Mix well.

Butter a casserole pan and plae in peach halves, fill peach halves with cookie mixture and splash liqueur over peach halves. Bake uncovered in preheated 375 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Remove when peaches are just turning golden on top.

Serve with vanilla gelato, dollop of whipped cream.

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,


For more recipes ,tips get a copy of the bestselling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking at

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