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The Classic Italian Cookie-Pizzelle

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pizzelle_3.jpgHoliday cookies are overflowing and The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen is filled to capacity!
A typical Italian cookie that is made for the Holidays is the ‘pizzelle’. The most important ingredient for this sweet, besides the ingredients, is the pizzelle iron-you can’t make pizzelle without it.

The pizzelle is known by different names and is made crunchy or soft, flavored or plain depending on the different regions of Italy you are in. This flavorful cookie originated in Abruzzo, but is now made all over the world. They are considered a rustic type of treat, an old world delight and are found in many small bakeries in Italy or made at home.

While a staple at many Italian American weddings here in the US, I have never seen pizzelle at weddings in Italy. 

Once made with manual irons one at a time, the electric ones allow you to make 2 at a time in a few minutes. Like many delicious Italian recipes, they do take some time to make but are well worth it.

 Here is my favorite recipe

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“Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene”


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