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Light Up Your Kitchen, Light Up Your Life…

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 As I am enjoying my Holidays here in my mountaintop office in Abruzzo, I can’t help but drift back to The Basic Art of Italian Cooking kitchen back in the states. The kitchen was aflutter with recipe testing for upcoming publications and product selection for the Holiday gift guide.

 Unfortunately, even though we enjoyed tasting and testing new recipes and finding new products everyone agreed that we need to brighten up the kitchen and add more light. The pots, pans ,utensils and ingredients are all extremely important tools in your kitchen but your lighting  is just as important and something that often gets overlooked. So how do I select lighting to be installed in The Basic Art of Italian Cooking kitchen in the States while here in Italy..

I found a great solution for finding kitchen lighting online and one thing I really like is that while I am  here in the mountains of Abruzzo I can shop for the best prices and for any type of lighing I can think of.   No matter how big the kitchen seems to never have enough space- so the best type of lighting that would fit in perfectly and not take up any space will be under the cabinet lighting. or track lighting.   

Tell me what you think.. Good Earth lighting has a nice ,inexpensive under cabinet bar of lights here. But then this halogen light by Good earth provides a little more illumination in a small space.

 Of course then we can go with some great track lighting too . This one is really beautiful and stylish,it is another form of track lighting called the Avatar series

The thing that is great also is that because  I am shopping online, I can research prices and the  stores  where the products are available at… so I can further check out any particular promos or free shipping promos that each store may have.

In the meantime, form ore info on how to light up your kitchen check out this article from HGTV.

Your kitchen should be one of the focal points of your home and each work space should be lit up but not overly bright. And don’t forget about keeping some style in that kitchen as well. Since you probably spend a lot of time there it is nice to have a space that is fashionable and functional.

If there are any interior designers out there that would like to add in their opinions for the selection of  the lighting for The Basic Art of Italian Cooking kitchen..let us know what you think….

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Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene,


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