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Local Produce and Low Carbon Footprint

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I am always touting the value of local produce and sometimes am not sure that eveyrone understands the reasoning behind it..

Local produce is fresher tasting, it has not remained on anyone’s shelf for a long time before it reaches your table, and all the vitamins and minerals are still there.

 Also if you shop locally you have less of a carbon footprint..use less fuel to get there and this also results in less pollution… Do a local yellow pages search for whatever you are looking may be well worth it.

But this concept is also a great concept in your everyday life..Local restaurants local shopping, local produce, local events..use less fuels to get there, sometimes walking       there (if possible) & you will also be doing yourself a favor by adding a health benefit of walking!! Try a local search for great  local ‘finds’ may be  surprised!

If you do a local search this way you can do it all online. that includes finding driving directions to get there or walk there, ratings of the local business, hours open,contact info..all this without having to do much more than get to a site on the world wide web…

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