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Software as a Service & Phase 2’s Hosted Lotus Notes

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SaaS is a new buzz term. In case you have been left behind SaaS means Software as a Service. The whole concept is really revolutionary especially for those of us that do business all over the world.

Just think of it  you can rent, not own a program for hosted Lotus connections and more..the concept of movies on demand..only pay for software when you need it as you need it.

No need to outlay all that money for software the way the big companies do, now you can have the same quality software without all the expense you only pay for what you need.  What a concept! 

Access to hosted lotus notes

This now makes it possible for smaller companies to expand.. And as I always say the world is getting smaller especially with this concept of Saas.

And now you can even rent access to lotus notes 7.02

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