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Style or Functionality…

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Your car says as much about your style as your food. But how do you choose your color, make …model..

The Toyota Camry now has a sleeker style and feel to it Also a great overall rating by consumers. is this your style?

How about the Saturn Aura?  A high overall consumer rating and can get as high as 33 miles per gallon. Maybe that is your style?

The Cadillac has been a symbol of elegance for many years and has also gone through  many changes since it now gets great gas mileage while becoming a bit more compact as well.

The Toyota Venza has sleek styling and can be used as a family car but with style, a version of a crossover vehicle. So what is your style..

Think it over, is gas mileage your main concern. Many cars now are fuel efficient than their predecessors.

Or is look of your car body your main concern..or how about functionality..

More of the autos today have a sleeker compact look than their predecessors.  And many are quite handsome..shiny and sleek they can attract as much or as little attention as you would like.

Then what about the options offered by the cars themselves? Of course if you are single you have a lot of freedom in selecting, but if you have any kids, well you need to be concerned with soccer games, getting to after school activities ..even maybe assisting in car pooling duties to school, activities, and more. For this you will certainly want more space.

Style ,functionality, mileage, look,  shape, over all rating..all the things to consider before getting that new set of wheels

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