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Wine Pairing Made Easy

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Have you ever thought of hosting your own wine pairing event in your own home? You can invite an expert to lead or invite friends over and pair up your favorite wines with your favorite dishes.

The easiest or less complicated dishes to pair up and make are appetizers. An appetizer can be as simple as Italian bruschetta or mini quiche or stuffed vegetables, small round pizzas and other simple fare.

Most of these appetizers can be paired up with a dry red or dry white. The mini quiche would most likely work with a dry white, the pizzas may work with reds.  Even artisan cheeses served with crackers, crusty breads, grissini on the side are great appetizers. Since appetizers are usually lighter fare the wines should alos be lighter and not heavy and robust. However, if you decide to use a heavier cheese you maybe also able to serve a robust wine with it.

Parmigiano-Reggiano is a smooth, sweet cheese and is great paired with a dry white wine.  A simple to make appetizer and a great combination  is shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese with thinly sliced pears, serve with a dry white wine.

 And if you are not too savvy on wines, it’s easy to become up on wines and check out wine reviews to learn about different varieties. Chek out reviews on specific wines that may interest you or develop your own repertoire of info on all different types of wines and a[prctice your new found knowledge at a home wine pairing.

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