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Taste & Tour from Philly to Virginia

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Tasting & Traveling my way from Philly to Fairfax Virginia..heirloom tomatoes in Maryland  great for salads, pannini and insalata caprese!! Peanuts in Virginia..great for crumbling for top of a pan di spagna (sponge cake)  with Italian cream inside.

Hot weather makes me want to eat gelato and I have begun to find some (not exactly like) close to Italian gelato but  not quite the real thing..but you can get it without using your passport. Even some artisan producers with equipment imported from Italy. Creamy and thick, light and refereshing at same time.

Gelato is a bit daunting for a home cook to make unless you have correct equipment but sorbetto easy and refreshing for the summer.  will be posting some sorbetto recipes when I get back to The Basic Art of Italian Cooking Kitchen on Monday

Hope to see you in Fairfax in the menatime, if you have not registered already class is full, but the ywill put you on a waiting list!!Call the store for the next The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati event with wine pairing and ask to be placed on waiting list  for the Holiday event now so you don’t miss out.

P.S> thansk to all thos e that came to The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati tm event at Whole Foods in Annapolis Maryland yesterday.

Mangia Bene, Vviv Bene


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