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Fresh Mint, Rosemary & A House in the Country

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fresh mint

copyright 2009, Maria Liberati

A morning of mentuccia (mint) and rosmarino(rosemary) ..a day in the country. One last day at the coutnry house before fall really sets in..the days and the nights have become so  chilly. What shall it be for lunch today? A sack of local potatoes we picked up at the open market yesterday..some extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil and the best ingredient …organic rosemary from our garden here.

And for dessert an apple torte made with apples from Trentino.

We set out early and after opening up the house made a quick dash to the garden with a big scissors to cut the much do you want??more , more” I said since I tend tol go  a bit overboard when cooking with fresh rosemary. It has such a hypnotic scent and enhances the flavor of potatoes so well that I can’t imagine cooking roasted potatoed without rosemary.


Ready to leave the garden but can’t resist the fresh mint..ahh perfect for a simple egg fritatta tonight and to flavor some spring water and to scent the house..pick a bouquet for me” I said as I began returning to the house to prepare the lunch.

But first I had to locate a vase just the perfect size to hold a bouquet of mint to place on our mantle by the front luck in finding a vase but jar used for preserving marmelade will suffice..and when my beautiful mint bouquet arrived the fresh, crisp mint scent seemed to quickly fill the room..and soon our little house in the country was brimming with scintillating scents..potatoes roasting in the oven with fresh rosemary stalks and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil from a local olive oil apple torte baking in the second oven..a large bouquet of fresh mint ..

What a fragrant way to begin the day and wake up all the senses….stay tuned for a recap of tonight’s fritta with fresh mint leaves..recipe will be included..

 fresh mint

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  1. lisa

    Thank you for this post I can almost catch a whiff…..I guess I’ll have to go down to the garden to pick some rosemary.

    September 10, 2009
  2. “What a fragrant way to begin the day and wake up all the senses…”

    …I agree! It’s really a wonderful, almost zen-like experience to walk through the garden and absorb the aromas on a crisp summer morning.

    September 10, 2009

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