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Wake Up the Flavor with Sea Salt!

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The Basic Art of Italian Cooking has always been about using basic flavors and ingredients to create delicious meals..One of those basic ingredients is sea salt.

There are those among us who just can’t eat anything without salt….it is the most basic of ingredients and flavors to put into any brings the flavor alive!

Salt sea is the most natural of those ingredients.

With the spring season just around the corner..thoughts of Tuscan style picnic food abound and salads, soups are not complete dishes without the addition of sea salt or sodium salts.  To host a Tuscan picnic meal or any dinner party where you have guests with varying taste buds-some like more, some like less salt-..have salts available on the table and use only a small amount in the recipes. Everyone will enjoy the meal that way.

But thanks to modern science, for those that have to limit their amount of sodium intake there are many salts out there now,  that have low sodium content. Sea salt has a naturally lower sodium content anyway…but  don’t forget have a lower sodium alternative available on your table… your guests will thank you for it..

So part of your Italian kitchen pantry should always include sea salt and a lower sodium salt..always have on hand for unexpected guests..everyone will always feel welcome at your table and when they say “Buon Appetito”  before they eat at your table (as the custom is in Italy) ..they will truly mean it!

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