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Slow Life in an Organic Vineyard….

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Fast life ,fast cars..turned into slow life..slow food at Fiorano vineyards and olive grove in Le Marche Italy.. Paolo was a successful dentist living the fast life in the quick paced city of Milan…but when he began growing weary of city life Paolo and his family began looking for other options to get back to a simpler,slower way of life ..the way life was meant to its’ most natural state.

Fast forward to the restoration of the organic vineyard and olive grove in the province of Le Marche, Italy in the small village of Ofida.

My visit there on a bright sunny day in January was one for the diary of any true gastronaut (gastronomy and astronaut=gastronaut)..savoring organic olive oil produced from the olive trees that surrounded us…accompanied by organic wines produced by the vines that one could look out onto.

Ahhh the true art of simplicity..a bottle of organic olive oil to drizzle with, freshly made organic bread, organic wine, a colorful dish  of organic olives..and we had lunch….

A lunch that inspired free flowing conversation on the beauty of food..of course food in its most natural state..

You can recreate my day at Fiorano in your own kitchen and create your own ‘staycation’for an hour or for a day ..I recommend some organic olive oil, freshly baked bread ,organic wine,artisan cheese, organic olives and the company of great friends..relaxing conversation and here’s a bit of scenery and a recipe for those olives and olive oil..

Celebrity Chef Maria Liberati at Fiorano Vineyards





Pappardelle Al Tonno (pappardelle pasta with tuna)

pappardelle pasta with tuna



For 4

*1 lb of pappardelle pasta

*16 ounces of tuna packed in water

*1/3 cup of pitted green olives

*3 tablespoons of extra virgin,cold pressed, olive oil

*1 garlic clove

*1 handful of fresh parsley

*pinch of sea salt

Place pappardelle pasta in boiling water until al dente. Chop olives ,tuna, garlic finely with a mezzaluna or chopping knife. Place olive oil in large sauté pan and heat for 30 seconds. Add in

chopped ingredients and saute for 5 minutes or until garlic begins to turn golden. Remove from heat. Add in cooked pappardelle pasta and toss gently. Serve with finely chopped parsley sprinkled on top.

Mangia Bene, Vivi Bene

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