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Foods That Speak & Fresh Fruit Macedonia

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copyright 2010 ,Maria Liberati

Holidays  always bring to mind the important place that food holds..not only in our stomachs but in our hearts.  Everyone is drawn to the table by the sumptuous sights and smells  ….but the dishes that ‘speak to us’ from the ghosts of Holiday’s past and all the memories associated with the table eating becomes a voyage ..a voyage into the past of ones’ cultural roots….and Holidays or special occasions always give us that chance to take one more voyage into our cultural past.

For Holidays, always prepare a dish that brings meaning to your that will always allow you to take a journey into Holidays that will almost speak to you with tastes vivid enough to tell you the story in just one bite …

My favorite Sunday or Holiday dinner memories always include a dish of fresh fruit macedonia  (A fresh fruit salad) after the is a habit that I seem to have acquired unknowingly..thanks to my grandmother and large family Holiday dinners.  The loud noises of forks touching the plates..the oohs and ahhs  every time my grandmother brought a different dish to the table..but we always knew that we could expect to hear her singing opera arias and after the salad course we knew she was going to the kitchen to  bring  a bowl of this healthy (but who knew that:) dessert to the table…and smiles would be from ear  to ear with the mere sight of the stufff..

Once the salad course was finished, you could hear everyone asking the same questions..”what fruits did you use?” .all part of the surprise… since she used seasonal fruits, we never knew what my grandfather was going to pick up at the market the day before..

Here it is my recipe for a fresh fruit Macedonia..I hope it speaks volumes to you as it does to me..or who knows maybe one day it willl tell a tale to friends and family  of their Holidays past.

   Easy to make..but I am told that my grandmother’s secret ingredient was LOVE (not included in the recipe here) you have to add it in yourself!

Fresh Fruit Macedonia

(From the Gourmand World Cookbook Award winner The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions

1 lb of fresh strawberries

4 bananas

1 fresh pineapple

3 oranges

1 fresh lemon

2 tablespoons of sugar (or sugar substitute)

Cut all fruits into large chunks. and place in bowl. Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the fruit and take out pulp of lemon in small pieces and palce into fruit salad. Sprinkle sugar on top and stir gently. Place in refrigerator at least one hour before serving.

Buon Appetito!
Happy Easter and Buona Pasquetta!
Maria  where Food meets Art ,Travel & Life!

Look forward to hearing from you about your special family memories and recipes..let us know in the comments here.

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