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Reinvent Memorial Day with Pesto

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pesto ingredients

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My Memorial Day..’food and the city’ adventure will take me on a culinary road trip today to Lancaster, Pa and the surrounding a foodie living in the city I am always looking for sources for fresh local produce..not sure what I will find today..but whatever is fresh and local should do..

Maybe I take my trying to make my ‘city feel a bit more country life’ to the extreme..but it’s difficult adapting to life in the city …A few hours isn’t that long to travel to bring freshness into my kitchen.

If you have some fresh basil in your kitchen or garden (local and fresh)’s an authentic recipe for making pesto. Pesto..( I love the bright green color it adds to any plate) can be used on many things. Okay..pesto does make a perfect match with pasta….but try it as a spread for a pannini (instead of mayonnaise).pizza topped with pesto and shaved parmigiana-reggiano cheese, potato salad with pesto as a dressing….you can re-invent so many dishes…

Pesto Genovese

*10 leaves of fresh  Basil

*3 cloves of garlic

*1/4 cup pinoli nuts

*1/4 cup grated Parmigiana- Reggiano (aged 24 months)

*1 tblsp of Pecorino cheese (aged 15 months)

*pinch of sea salt

*8 tblsps of extra Virgin Olive Oil

Separate the leaves of the basil from the stems. Wash the leaves, and dry gently with paper towels. Peel the garlic and place in a mortar and pestle and crush. Crush the pinoli nuts as well in mortar. Add in the basil and salt and continue to crush until blended. Add in cheese and continue to crush in the mortar. Add in olive oil a drizzle at a time, mixing before each addition of olive oil. If pesto is too dense, add in a drizzle of warm water or hot water used to cook the pasta (if serving with pasta).

Happy Memorial Day..wishing you a celebration that is fresh and filled with local flavors..wherever you are!


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