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Shakespeare, ‘Rome’ance & Salmon, Mandarin Oranges, Linguini

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copyright 2011 art of living,PrimaMedia,Inc/Maria Liberati

“Journeys end in lovers meeting”..William Shakespeare

Who but Shakespeare could put it so eloquently..a message for the ‘coming soon’ Valentine’s Day..and the perfect Valentine’s Day journey could end at the Hassler Hotel or Il Palazzetto.. both in the center of Rome,Italy….on a recent visit I got to experience the beauty, the charm, the elegance of both. A romantic view from the Trinita dei Monti  atop  the Spanish Steps…in the center of Rome.. from just  the panoramic view  you experience the charm, the uniqueness, the romance, the beauty of Rome…apart from the elegance of each venue…

The Hassler, is one of Rome’s most luxurious,unique hotels..known not only for it’s elegance but design,style,it is truly an ‘artisan hote’l…and the 16th century  Il Palazetto, atop the ancient stones where the infamous banquets of Lucullus were once held is .. . filled with the elegance and unique style of the Hassler but more like your’home away from home’ in the center of Rome on the Trinita dei Monti.. from artisan cocktails to spas to cigar rooms and wine pairing events either venue  would be my choice for the perfect Valentine’s Day.   

My suggested recipe for the upgcoming ‘giornata di San Valentino'( in Italian) or Cupid’s Day in modern English is this one filled with mandarin oranges:

Linguini with Salmone e Mandarini (Salmon & mandarin oranges)

From The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions-2nd edition;copyright 2011  art of living,PrimaMedia,Inc/Maria Liberati)

(serves 4)

*1 lb of linguini pasta   

*2 ounces of smoked salmon

*2 mandarin oranges

*1/4 cup cream

*1 scallion

* small handful of celery leaves (found at top of celery stalks) 

*freshly ground black  pepper to taste

With a potato peeler peel 2 pieces of mandarin orange peel (take only orange peel, not white part) and cut pieces into thin strips. Place in boiling water for one minute and drain.

Use juicer to juice the mandarins and place juice in saucepan. Peel and cut scallion into thin slices, place into pan with  mandarin orange juice, place in cut orange peel and warm this on low heat. Stir and let cook till only approx 4 tblsps of liquid are remaining. Remove from heat and pour through a chesecloth. Discard everything except filtered juice.

Place filtered juice back in sauce pan and pour in the cream. Stir with wire whisk and cook over low heat just until boiling. Remove from heat before  mixture boils. Place pasta in salted water and cook till al dente. Drain.

Cut salmon into thin strips and add into sauce. If sauce has cooled warm a bit and stir with wire whisk, do not let boil. Place al dente pasta in serving bowl, pour sauce on top and garnish with chopped celery leaves, and ground black pepper. If possible, and for a special added  touch, serve on warmed plates

For more great recipes and Valentine’s Day suggestions get your copy of  The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions-2nd edition  selected as the Best Italian Cuisine Book in the USA by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Also a special thanks to Roberto Wirth, President & General Manager of the Hotel Hassler and fifth generation of a famous Swiss dynasty of hoteliers, for the hospitality on my visits. Roberto stopped for a  minute on his busy day to tell me about both venues and  point out  the beautiful sculpture near front entrance of  the Hassler of Romulus and Remus-Rome’s eternal symbols.

Peace, Love & Pasta,

Maria   xoxo

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