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Basic Art of Coffee, the Perfect Match, Caffe al Cioccolato

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What is it about coffee and chocolate together that make such an inebriating, hypnotic blend of flavors..the two flavors make the perfect match ( better than Napooleon & Josephine or Cleopatra & MarcAntony).

A true Barista is a coffee chef, professionally trained in the Art of Coffee. Here is a drink I put together with my favorite Barista at my favorite cioccolateria in Italy. A ‘Cioccolateria’  is a chocolate version of a coffee bar-everything chocolate! This drink makes  a luscious substitute for a hot chocolate and makes a great morning drink to give you a positive outlook on the day ahead or an evening drink to take away the evening chill in the winter or fall.


Caffe al Coccolato

1 cup milk

1 tablespoon chocolate syrup

1 espresso

shaved dark chocolate

whipped cream

Froth the milk with a frother, or heat till just before boiling, set aside. Place the chocolate syrup in a tall glass. Prepare one shot of espresso or one short  cup of espresso, place in glass with  chocolate syrup. Mix well till chocolate syrup melts. Fill glass with frothed milk still hot, stir and top with whipped cream. Sprinkle shaved chocolate on top.

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