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A Visit to Sorrento & Limoncello

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A day in the hot sun of Sorrento Italy makes one think of ways to cool down..the traditional way to refresh, digest and cool down here is to have a quick shot of are some interesting facts about this drink that is a favorite now around the world:



The drink was invented in the early 1900’s by Maria Antonia  on the island of Capri at her little ‘pensione’ since she had an abundant lemon and orange grove to pick from. After WWII a grandson decided to pick up the family business and open up a restaurant near his gradnmother’s little pensione and served (what he called) ‘liquore di limone’. But in 1988 Massimo Canale decided to start an artisan lemon grove and  produce his  great grandmother’s traditional recipe for a trademark or DOC and call it ‘limoncello. So now , only if this beverage is made with the lemons from the Sorrento/Amalfi/Capri region can it be called Limoncello. If made with other lemons it must be called something else.

The lemons of Sorrento/Amalfi.Capri used for this are a special lemon that are also trademarked.   and have a thick skin that has a lot of oil and is very aromatic..perfect for limoncello.

If you are in the Sorrento/Amalfo/Capri area, when the limoncello is served it typically signals the end of the meal, instead of coffee since limoncello is also considered a digestive.

The best way to enjoy a shot of limoncello is plain , or with tonic water or in champagne!  But it makes a refreshing sauce for vanilla gelato or plain pound cake.

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